North Dakota National Guard resumes COVID-19 duty

September 19, 2021 GMT

BISMARCK, N.D. (AP) — Dozens of North Dakota National Guard members are resuming support for the state’s coronavirus pandemic response, military officials said.

The Guard announced Friday that about 50 of its members are assisting the state Health Department with contact tracing and about 15 others are helping at the state laboratory in Bismarck. The group is expected to remain on active duty until the end of the year.

“As always, I applaud the resiliency and willingness of our Citizen-Soldiers and Citizen-Airmen to serve our communities when they are needed,” North Dakota Adjutant General Al Dohrmann said in a statement. “The support of our families and employers continues to be paramount to our ability to successfully answer the call of duty.”

The Guard’s COVID-19 duty began in March 2020 and last November surpassed the record personnel days worked set during 2011 flooding. The Guard has worked more than 121,400 personnel days of COVID-19 support duty, which is said is the largest and longest state mobilization in history.

In all, about 80 Guard members are currently deployed for the mission.